• What is DoctorWellington?

  • DoctorWellington is a subscription-based healthcare service that provides effortless access to both primary and urgent care when, where, and how you want it at a transparent, affordable price. For a low monthly fee of $49, we offer 21st century patients something revolutionary in the healthcare industry: the freedom of choice combined with the luxury of convenience.

  • We’ve created a refreshingly different healthcare experience designed around your wants, needs, budget, and schedule – not the insurance companies’ bottom lines.

  • As a DoctorWellington member, you gain full access to our robust network of top-tier physicians and nurse practitioners 365 days a year, either in-person at one of our many clinics or via video/chat appointments through our innovative, secure patient portal.

  • Our team of providers emphasize shared decision-making by empowering you with the information needed to make better healthcare decisions for you and your family. No more long wait times. No more unexpected medical bills. No more mysteries and frustrations. With DoctorWellington, getting better just got better.

It’s healthcare on your terms.

So how does it work? Let’s break it down. For only $49 per person, per month, DoctorWellington covers most of your primary care and urgent care needs.

For $49 per month you get:

Access to our top-tier network of physicians and nurse practitioners at any one of our many clinics 7 days a week, 362 days a year (we are closed for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter).
Primary and urgent care visits via in-person clinic appointments (we have 16 locations), video conference appointments, or instant chat messaging.
Children’s urgent care needs via telemedicine, in-clinic visits, or a mixture of both (+$10 per child, per month).

The ability to communicate with us anytime to ask questions, create or reschedule appointments, request prescription refills, and more— all via one secure patient portal.

Freedom to schedule appointments in advance or on-demand.

Autonomy and ability to engage in shared decision-making with our providers throughout your healthcare journey.

No copays. No hidden fees. No insurance companies.

No surprise bills from third-party companies like LabCorp, etc.
No charges after most treatments and tests such as X-rays, stitches, shots, screenings, bloodwork, etc. (some uncommon exceptions apply).
Unmatched transparency into your healthcare costs – if something isn’t covered in your subscription, such as an exotic lab test, we tell you the cost up-front and then you decide.
No frustration, headache, hassle or barriers associated with receiving truly comprehensive care.

Best of all, we are not an insurance company and do not answer to them and, finally, you don’t have to either. If you’re fully insured, we can save you a fortune on your out-of-pocket costs – especially if you have a high deductible. If you only have catastrophic coverage, discover how we can provide you with the high-quality urgent and primary care services you deserve at a cost you can afford.