Health insurance premiums are sky-high.

Over the last five years, family health insurance premiums increased by 22% on average, far surpassing the cost of inflation. In the last ten years, the cost increased by 54%. Expensive premiums make it cost-prohibitive for many people to enroll in a plan.

High deductibles are rarely met or cost thousands.

Even with a reasonable premium, high deductibles can leave patients paying thousands every year in out-of-pocket costs. Patients must pay their deductible before insurance kicks in and pays for most or all of healthcare costs. Copays, lab costs, and other after-visit patient responsibility bills quickly add up. These costs often accumulate throughout the year without ever meeting the deductible. This means a person can pay thousands of dollars for simple, routine care, even with insurance.

Direct primary care cuts the costs by cutting out the middleman.

In light of the rising costs of healthcare, a nationwide movement called direct primary care has emerged. Direct primary care (or DPC) gives people the opportunity to have open access to primary care and urgent care for one low cost per month. The patient (or employer) pays a monthly subscription amount to become a member. Members can go into participating clinics like MainStreet Family Care for all their routine healthcare like annual checkups, urgent care visits, tests, stitches, and x-rays without paying copays or receiving surprise bills. Lab costs are typically included or billed upfront for a low, cash-pay price. MainStreet Family Care now offers a direct primary care service, DoctorWellington. DoctorWellington membership costs just $49/month, with the option to add urgent care coverage for children for only $10/month. Below compares the out-of-pocket costs for using traditional insurance vs. DoctorWellington.

Cost comparison of out-of-pocket costs using traditional insurance vs. Doctor Wellington

How do we do it for $49/month?

The bottom line is that administrative costs overwhelm the healthcare system.  Administrative costs account for around 30% of all healthcare costs.  Medical coding and billing required for insurance reimbursement make up the majority of these costs. As you can see in the graph below, the cost of administrators has increased over 3000% in the last 40 years, while the cost for physicians has only increased by 100% (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). Essentially, the growth in the cost of administering medical care is TWENTY TIMES the growth in the actual medical care itself. Working directly with the patient instead of the insurance company means costs can be drastically reduced for the patient. DoctorWellington connects patients directly to medical care, thereby cutting through the red tape by bypassing the administrative burden.

Healthcare administration costs have risen over 3000% in the last 30 years compared to the cost of physicians which has grown roughly 100%



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